Many mattress brands manufacture spring mattresses. But Springwel was one of the first companies to introduce the segment to India. From setting up its first manufacturing unit in Rajasthan, to expanding it to 10 exclusive showrooms across India, the company has come a long way in serving people!

All this may not have happened if a brand doesn’t have an extensive mattress range – and does Springwel have one such range? Let’s find out!

Following are the different ranges of mattresses Springwel specializes in!



This range contains a variety of innerspring mattresses that are both durable and supportive. And then there are extra layers of cushioning for additional comfort.

The spring mattresses provide optimal back support and pressure relief by conforming to the body shape, thereby enhancing the user’s sleep experience as well.

Mattress NameTypeOther Features/TechnologiesPriceWarranty
Comfort CollectionHigh tensile steel Bonnell springs for proper support for the body; with PU foam padding for edge-to-edge supportHigh density PU foam sheet as comfort layer, high density rubberized coir sheet as support layer, and the Bonnell springs are made on Swiss machines; high quality polypropylene mesh as insulatorRs. 18,8755 years
Softech SeriesPocketed spring mattress, pre-compressed and covered in individual pocketsHigh density PU foam sheet as comfort layer, high quality polypropylene mesh as insulatorRs. 27,8846 years
Comfort PlusBonnell spring mattress with a thick layer of natural latex as main stuffingDust mite resistant and antimicrobial properties; high density rubberized coir sheet as support layer; high quality polypropylene mesh as insulatorRs. 32,6046 years
Premium CollectionPillow top layer with Bonnell springs, and super soft PU foamHigh density PU foam sheet as comfort layer; high density rubberized coir as suppoer layer; pillow-top layer filled with antimicrobial-treated polyesterRs. 30,4208 years
Luxury CollectionEurotop mattress with natural latex as comfort layerHigh density rubberized coir as support layer, with the high tensile pocketed springs made on Swiss machinesRs. 41,7308 years
Divinity CollectionTemperature sensitive memory foam , core structure made of pocketed springsHas a separate slab of pressure relieving foam, individually covered pocketed springs, high density rubberized coir sheetRs. 51,5976 years



A brilliant combination of coir and PU foam, these mattresses are designed in such a way that they don’t sag. The structure is porous and allows free circulation of air.

The very basic benefit of coir mattresses is they provide unmatched support to the back. They provide great comfort for people suffering from back pain.

Springwel coir mattresses can also benefit people who have dust allergies (due to the mattresses’ anti-dust property).

Mattress NameTypeOther Features/TechnologiesPriceWarranty
ConquerorMulti-layered reversible mattress; made of high density PU foam and thick rubberized coirAnti-sagging formula that helps the mattress retain its original shapeRs. 22,6265 years
Emperor100% natural latex combined with thicker rubberized coir blockHigh quality jacquard fabric for additional comfort and enhanced appearanceRs. 29,3085 years
PhysioMade with rebonded foamZonal densification technology that keeps the spine in its natural positionRs. 16,1615 years
VictorA combination of rubberized coir and PU foamComfort layer made of PU foam, which is sandwiched between blocks of rubberized coirRs. 14,4145 years
Victor PlusA combination of rubberized coir and PU foamComfort layer made of PU foam, which is sandwiched between blocks of rubberized coir; high quality viscose cotton for added comfortRs. 16,8595 years



The bonded mattresses are made of highly dense PU foam. This prevents the mattress from sagging over time. In addition, it provides orthopedic support. This ultimately helps in keeping the spine in its natural shape, thereby preventing related complications.

Also called regenerated material, bonded foam is manufactured through a re-compression process where different kinds of PU foam chips are glued together under pressure.

Mattress NameTypeOther Features/TechnologiesPriceWarranty
DurabondMade of super-dense bonded PU foamRs. 13,4538 years
UltrabondMade of super-dense bonded PU foamRs. 16,33510 years
PrimabondMade of high density foam and a strong bonded materialElegant quilting on both sides of the mattress;Rs. 18,170
GloriaMade of super-dense bonded PU foamContains a thick layer of HR foam for added comfortRs. 20,180
Gloria EliteMade of super-dense bonded PU foamHigh quality memory foam as the top layer, along with a thick layer of HR foamRs. 27,518



The mattresses in this range are manufactured with plush premium fabric for the best comfort and support. For maximum durability, the PU foam mattresses are manufactured using OCS technology.

Mattress NameTypeOther Features/TechnologiesPriceWarranty
DeltaMade with PU foamThe quilted fabric has attractive prints that enhances appearanceRs. 12,230
Made with PU foamDouble side quilting with premium fabric enhances the comfort and appearanceRs. 14,676



Latex is an elastic material that has interconnecting pincore open cells. The 7-Zone feature of this material provides different levels of firmness for different body parts.

Latex also has certain natural properties that help it fight dust mites. Hence, this type of mattresses can also be useful for people who suffer from allergy.

Mattress NameTypeOther Features/TechnologiesPriceWarranty
Latex MattressMade of 100% natural latex7-Zone feature that supports the various parts of the bodyRs. 37,296


The memory foam in this mattress has been manufactured adopting the revolutionary NASA technology, which senses the body’s heat and conforms to its contours.

Mattress NameTypeOther Features/TechnologiesPriceWarranty
InfinityMade of memory foam based on NASA technologyThe quilt of the mattress has antimicrobial and anti-allergic propertiesRs. 40,326



These are the high-end mattresses manufactured by Springwel. Involving high-end machines for optimum luxury and certified by authorities in the field, this range of mattresses are the dream for all those who want to indulge themselves in a peaceful slumber!

Mattress NameTypeOther Features/TechnologiesPriceWarranty
CelebHas a thick support layer that is made of HR foam and eliminates pressure points, thereby resulting in undisturbed sleepMattress wrapped with a soft knitted fabric cover that has anti-allergic and antimicrobial properties; comfort, along with exclusive upholstery gives a soft and cozy feelRs. 93,600
Celeb RoyalHas all the benefits of the Celeb mattress, along with pressure-relieving memory foam ; top layer made of memory foam that conforms to body shape and provides restful sleepWrapped with stretchable knitted fabric for soft and cozy feel; treated with anti-allergic formula for optimal comfort, pressure relief and supportRs. 1,17,000
Celeb EliteHas all the benefits of the Celeb mattress, along with the properties of memory foam; it also enhances ventilation and guarantees better pressure relieving effectsThe mattress material is certified for durability by LGA Qualitest GmbH, a German company that conducts mechanical safety checks of products in various industries, including the Chemical and Environmental industriesRs. 1,40,400

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  1. For a long time I was sleeping in the ditch of a hoot mattress. But the mattress came as a relief. It cushions the body and relieves the pressure points. Overall good mattress at a reasonable price.

  2. Best mattresses available in the market. had a wonderful experience at the store. reasonably priced as compared to the other brands available in the market.

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