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Sleepwell mattresses are a brilliant combination of technology and comfort.

It has a range dedicated exclusively to mattresses that can help alleviate back pain (given that it is one of the primary issues most people are facing today). These mattresses come with a combination of memory and PU foams, and focus on the pressure points to reduce backache.

Sleepwell also comes with great technological applications. One such technology is Health Fresh, which basically is a treatment that prevents the harmful dust mites, bacteria, and fungi from breeding.

Not just that, the mattress brand manufactures mattresses in 5 different ranges – and each range of mattresses can benefit you in a unique way! Here we have mentioned a top mattress from each of the ranges, and who it can be suitable for.

The Mattress RangeSuitable For
Sleepwell Spine BondAnyone who has back pain or is likely to develop it (mostly people at desk jobs who spend most of their time sitting)
Sleepwell NexaSleep conscious people who look for ultimate comfort and don’t think much about the price
Sleepwell Duet AirPeople who are more conscious about the life of the mattress than anything else, and want a mattress that is both durable and comfortable
Sleepwell My Mattress RangePeople who aren’t satisfied with the available range of mattresses, and who want to customize their own according to their needs
Sleepwell Spring RangePeople who want a decent mattress, which is a combination of comfort, durability, and bounce at a reasonable price

All said and done, these alone are not the reason you need to take a look at the vast array of mattresses Sleepwell offers. There is something more. To know, just keep reading!

Sleepwell Spine Bond


The mattress is made of hard flexi PU foam and rubberized coir that enhances back support. The coir, given its airier design, also increases circulation and keeps the mattress cooler. And the flexi PU foam is cost effective and makes the mattress durable.

The mattress also comes with the 3-way anti-sag comfort-action technology that prevents the mattress from sagging. The inner layer of the mattress is tough and has a spring action. So when you lie on the mattress, the inner layer gets compressed. But when you wake up, this inner layer returns to its original position and shape, thanks to the spring action.


This technology prevents the mattress from sagging over time – which in turn helps alleviate back pain, as a sagged mattress can also lead to an achy back. The anti-sag technology also extends the lifespan of the mattress.

Warranty 5 years

Price Rs. 6,694 (single bed)

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Sleepwell Nexa


Sleepwell Nexa is a total luxury mattress. It is made of high-responsive memory foam that adjusts to the shape of your body and gives you ultimate comfort. The memory foam also ensures the weight of your body is evenly distributed – and this enhances the comfort furthermore.

The mattress even comes with Feather Soft Comfort technology, which allows you to move your body and roll over the bed quite easily. The quilt of the mattress is porous and breathable, thereby enhancing circulation and bettering your sleeping experience.

Warranty 10 years

Price Rs. 39,130 (double bed)

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Sleepwell Duet Air


The Sleepwell Duet Air mattress has a softer and a firmer side, and each of the sides serves a specific purpose.

The firmer side of the mattress uses Super Bond material to enhance the durability of the mattress. In addition, this firmer side also aids in the proper alignment of your spine. The Super Bond material can also extend the life of the mattress.

The softer side of the mattress is made of latex material. This improves the comfort levels and bounce. This layer is also reticulated for improving the air flow. It is made of soft flexi PU foam for enhancing comfort.

The quilt of this mattress is also made of soft flexi PU foam for additional comfort.

Warranty 5 years

Price Rs. 10,795

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Sleepwell My Mattress Range


The mattresses in this range are made of memory foam and have a pillow top finish. They also come with the internationally recognized and patented Zero-Turn technology. In the high-end category, there are 3 types of mattresses (firm, support, and soft) that use pocket spring system. The firm type mattress has a firm PU foam layer at the top. And the support and soft type mattresses have a normal and soft PU foam layers at the top, respectively.

This range allows you to customize the mattress as per your requirements.

Warranty 5 years

Price Rs. 12,075


The Sleepwell My Mattress range also has a section of low-end mattresses. There are two types of mattresses in this section – firm and support. Here, the firm type mattress is made of a specially designed PU foam layer while the support type mattress is made of a combination of firm and soft layers of PU foam.

Warranty 3 years

Price Rs. 5,513

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Sleepwell Spring Range

The Sleepwell spring range has 4 mattresses – Amity, Serenity, Excecutive Pocket, and Executive Bonnell.

Sleepwell Amity mattress is a box top mattress where the quilt is made of viscoelastic material for optimum comfort. The viscoelastic material is manufactured using NASA technology. Soft flexi PU foam is also used for an international standard appearance.


The mattress works on a high-quality pocket spring system for added support. The mattress also contains latex material for extra comfort and bounce. The mattress comes with an internationally acclaimed Zero Turn technology that enhances its durability. The Foam Wall technology incorporated in the mattress ensures its edges are smooth, comfortable and supportive.

Warranty 10 years

Price Rs. 31,049 (single bed)

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Sleepwell Serenity is a pillow top mattress that is made of viscoelastic temperature sensitive material and soft flexi PU foam for enhanced appearance and comfort.


Just like Amity, this mattress also works on a high quality pocketed spring and contains latex material for added comfort and bounce. The Zero Turn technology of the mattress enhances its durability, and the Foam Wall technology keeps the mattress’ edges smooth and supportive.

Warranty 10 years

Price Rs. 23,024 (single bed)

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Sleepwell Executive Pocket contains a layer of high density PU foam on both the sides. This enhances comfort, and also allows the customer to use both sides of the mattress to extend its life.


It uses state-of-the-art pocket innerspring system that focuses on proper alignment of the spine. The quilt on both sides is made of soft flexi PU foam for maximum durability and comfort.

The mattress also comes with a Foam Wall support that offers superior edge support and enhances comfort.

Warranty 5 years

Price Rs. 8,320 (Single bed)

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Sleepwell Executive Bonnell incorporates Bonnell spring system for the proper alignment of the spine. The mattress has high density PU foam on both the sides, which caters to the comfort of the customer.


Soft flexi PU foam quilt on both sides add the extra comfort and support, and the Foam Wall technology makes the edges of the mattress more supportive and comfortable.

Warranty 5 years

Price Rs. 7,842 (Single bed)

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You have already seen the most popular mattresses from Sleepwell. Following are a few of the other mattresses from Sleepwell that you can check out –

In the back support range –

Spinetic Air


  • The mattress surface is plush and made of memory foam, which is ideal for supporting sleepers with back pain. The mattress wouldn’t be too soft or too hard on the back, providing the sleeper a comfortable and restful experience.
  • The comfort layer is reticulated, which enhances air circulation and keeps the mattress cool (unlike most other memory foam mattresses that tend to accumulate heat).
  • The mattress also has Super Bond PU foam that improves its firmness and durability.

Warranty 5 years

Price Rs. 11,288 (Single bed)

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Durafirm PUF


  • The mattress is primarily designed with super bond flexi PU foam for extra firmness. This prevents backaches from getting aggravated.
  • Both sides of the mattress are layered with soft flexi PU foam, making the mattress firmer and conducive to people suffering from back pain.

Warranty 5 years

Price Rs. 7,668

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In the PU foam range –



  • This mattress comes with the most preferred surface feel, which is a combination of medium firmness and normal firmness. Also known as FlexiPuf, the mattress surface is suitable for sleeping, sitting, or while watching TV or working with a laptop.
  • The mattress is also easy to handle. It is light when compared to other mattresses, spot washable, and foldable.
  • The mattress comes packed in a smart Tetron cylindrical bag. After unpacking, the bag can also be used as a travel or a storage bag.

Price Rs. 7,996

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  • This mattress is manufactured using NASA’s viscoelastic temperature material, which enables it to conform to the contour’s of your body.
  • The high resilience PU foam offers superior bounce to the sleeper. It helps beat stress and fatigue and promotes deep sleep. In addition, the mattress also helps improve blood circulation.

Warranty 10 years

Price Rs. 24,507

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Duet Luxury


  • For the sake of personalized comfort, the mattress has a firm side as well as a soft side. Due to this, the mattress offers great comfort irrespective of the climate.


  • The soft side of the mattress uses NASA’s viscoelastic temperature sensitive material that conforms to the body shape. It also contains latex material for extra comfort and improved bounce. The layer is reticulated to ensure uniform air circulation and breathability.
  • The firm side of the mattress uses Super Bond material for the proper alignment of the spine. The quilt is made of soft flexi PU foam for enhanced comfort.

Warranty 5 years

Price Rs. 15,519

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The Sleepwell Perfect Match Programme

Choosing a mattress can be a tricky proposition. Also, every human body is different from every other, and has its own set of requirements. So how can one ensure the mattress they are taking is a perfect match for them? To address this concern, Sleepwell had introduced the Perfect Match programme. The company had installed a Sleepwell Sensobed at Sleepwell World/Gallery, which helps the customer find the mattress that perfectly suits him/her.

The Sleepwell Sensobed does the following –

  1. Maps the body structure and the distribution of body weight.
  2. Measures the body weight and pressure distribution.
  3. Scientifically analyzes the body’s support and comfort requirements.
  4. Carries out customized processing to recommend the right mattress for the customer.

Who Can Buy A Sleepwell Mattress?

Now that we have seen the various categories of mattresses offered by Sleepwell, what kind of people can go for them?

  • People who have back ache, and want to take proper care. Sleepwell has dedicated an entire category to mattresses that can support the back well and prevent it from getting aggravated.
  • Couples who are looking for intimacy and lovemaking in bed. A category of mattresses is made of latex and offers a good amount of bounce. The anti-sag technology also allows the mattress to spring back to the original position (and doesn’t sag), thereby offering a proper platform for lovemaking.
  • People who are concerned with hygiene. The mattresses are reticulated to ensure proper ventilation and air circulation. This ensures the mattress retains the freshness, and remains clean for a longer time.

Sleepwell has a wide range of mattresses that caters to different segments of people. This range also includes mattresses that are both affordable and priced at the higher end. Sleepwell is one of the best when it comes to mattress durability. Given the kind of materials they use, (latex or NASA’s viscoelastic foam) the mattresses, if maintained properly, can last for 8 to 10 years. The category that is specifically designed for sleepers with back problems can place Sleepwell apart from others. And the technological application each mattress comes with can only make the user happier and satisfied

Rating – 77%

Now that you have got a clear idea of the range of mattresses Sleepwell has, go ahead and pick your favorite one!

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7 thoughts on “Sleepwell Mattress Review

  1. One of the famous mattress brands in India. Have been using one mattress for over 9years. If you are able to maintain your mattress properly, It can come for at least 8 to 10 years…!

  2. One of the famous mattress brands in India .. have been using one mattress for over 9 years. If you are able to maintain your mattress properly, it can come for at least 8 to 10 years..!

    1. HI Pramod
      you should look for a mattress that adjusts its firmness along the length of the mattress, so as to align your spine horizontally. Most mattresses don’t offer this feature. Duroflex offers one such mattress. the other option is adjustable firmness mattresses such as that offered by sleep number in the USA. hope this helps.

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