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Waking up early is probably the hardest thing in life, isn’t it?

And what is the second hardest? Finding the right kind of mattress to sleep on in the first place.

Am I right? I can already see you nodding your head. Anyway, that’s the truth, isn’t it? Too many choices, and too little time. And there are too many opinions. Some say the cheapest are the best. And some others say quality always comes with a price. A few others say it doesn’t matter.

Who to believe, and who not to!

That’s why I am here .. to save hours of your valuable time, and help you choose the mattress best suited for your needs.

Following is the list and details of the mattress brands that I have researched over the years. In fact, that’s what my expertise lies in. I have analysed and reviewed numerous mattresses and mattress brands, and this is the repository of my findings.

Company Material Feel Price Rating
DuroflexFoam (topped with Duropedic layer), PU foam, spring and coirMediumDuropedic layer – Rs. 34,708
PU Foam – Rs. 46,842
Spring – Rs. 45,031
Coir – Rs. 31,597
DunlopilloFom and gelSoft77%
GodrejFoam, spring, and coirSoft or medium75%
SleepwellFoam and springSoft or mediumFoam – Rs. 36,750
Spring – Rs. 30,009
RubcoRubberized coirMedium73%
Nilkamal MatrezzzFoam, spring, and coirSoft or mediumFoam – Starting from Rs. 7,220
Spring – Starting from Rs. 19,365
Coir – Starting from Rs. 13,847
CentuaryFoamSoftCEN-ERGY Foam – Rs. 22,279 – Rs. 40,415
Other Foam – Rs. 6,072 – Rs. 13,895
Kurl-OnSpring, foam, and coirSoft or mediumSpring – Rs. 176,926
Foam – Rs. 17,186Coir – Rs. 23,214
King KoilFoamSoft64%
MM Foam
SleepzoneFoam and springSoft or medium
RahaSpring (with foam top)Medium
PepsSpring (Bonnell and Pocketed)MediumBonnell spring – Rs. 16,500
Pocketed spring – Rs. 26,464
SealySpring (Posturelife and Posturepremier) and foam (Posturepedic Hybrid)Soft or medium71%
SimmonsPocketed spring and Edge foamSoft73%
LeesaFoamSoftRs. 59,61780%
SpringwelSpring, foam, and coirSoft or mediumSpring – Rs. 41,730
Foam – Rs. 40,326
Coir – Rs. 29,308

Different people prefer different types of mattresses for different reasons. What’s your reason?

In the following lines, we talk about our mattress review process and how it can help you select the best mattress based on your needs!

How We Review Mattresses

There’s a lot of science involved behind this. Because reviewing mattresses is not something that is done on a lazy friday evening, just for the sake of it.

There’s a lot of effort that is put in. Because people must get genuine reviews and recommendations. And I care about the people.

I care about you.

Every review that you see on this website has come after I personally tested the mattress. When I say personally, I mean I have literally slept on the mattress for a week before coming up with a conclusion. I give time to my body to adjust itself to the new mattress and then review it thoroughly.

I have tested over 50 different mattresses, and based on my experience and analysis, I had developed a method of scoring based on different parameters of a mattress. This scoring system is also based on the feedback I receive from my readers, who are also genuine customers.

The mattresses I review are rated on 12 different criteria. These are –

  • comfort
  • cooling
  • edge support
  • material
  • support
  • value
  • company
  • smell
  • refunds
  • sex
  • trial
  • warranty

I strongly believe that the specifics related to each of these parameters would help you determine the ideal type of mattress for you –


Is the mattress as comfortable as it claims to be? Does it help you sleep better and reduce pain, if any? How comfortable are the foams?

  • 5 stars – The mattress offers great comfort. It focuses on the pain points of the sleeper and also alleviates pressure. The comfort is such that other factors like support or cooling is affected.
  • 4 stars – The mattress offers great comfort and relieves certain pain points. But it may not be suitable for all users, especially for those with specific pain points that aren’t relieved by the mattress. In addition, the comfort factor might also affect cooling and support.
  • 3 stars – The mattress provides an average level of comfort. It doesn’t stand out, and neither it is of poor quality. It can help reduce pain and pressure, but might also negatively impact cooling and support.


A cool sleeping surface is of prime importance for most sleepers. But when a mattress company claims its mattresses to be ‘cooling’, it only means that its mattresses don’t retain heat and instead stay close to the room temperature.

  • 5 stars – Wonderful design and material construction allow the mattress to breathe and stay cool. The sleeping surface doesn’t retain heat and stays cool, and hence doesn’t become uncomfortable to the sleeper at any point.
  • 4 stars – The mattress has decent design and material construction and doesn’t retain heat. But heavy sleepers who tend to sink deep into the mattress can find it uncomfortable.
  • 3 stars – Average design and material construction might allow the mattress to breathe, but it also can retain a undesirable amount of heat.

Edge support

Whether it is sitting, lying, or sex, ideal edge support can go a long way in making the user happy.

  • 5 stars – The edges of the mattress support well for sleeping. In fact, users can lie on the edge of the mattress without feeling bouncy. The mattress also provides a small degree of sinkage for sitting positions, which only adds to the comfort and doesn’t go overboard.
  • 4 stars – The edges of the mattress support well for sleeping. Heavy sleepers might feel a little uncomfortable owing to a higher degree of sinkage. But then, when it comes to people who are more inclined towards sleeping on the edge, the mattress does its job well.
  • 3 stars – The edges of the mattress offer decent support for sleeping, but heavy sleepers might feel comfortable. Even the support for people who tend to sit is less than ideal.


The material a mattress is made of is the very first thing one must check before going for one. The ideal mattress must have a good enough comfort layer such that most sleepers would feel comfortable and restful.

  • 5 stars – This mattress type uses top-class materials to ensure a balance between comfort and cooling, such that one factor doesn’t compromise the other. Mattresses of this type have a comfort layer that is at-leat 4 inches thick. The mattress, to improve performance, might also include other organic materials, special textiles, etc.
  • 4 stars – This mattress uses great material to offer a good balance between comfort and cooling. Most of the mattresses here have a 3.5 inch comfort layer. This mattress can also include other organic materials and special textiles for improving the overall performance.
  • 3 stars – This mattress uses good material to offer good comfort and cooling. Most mattress of this type have a comfort layer that is 3 inches thick. This mattress type is not likely to include any of the extra material to optimize performance. But despite that, these can be very good mattresses.


Support basically means how well the mattress can keep your spine in alignment, and nothing more. Mattreses can be soft and offer great support at the same time.

  • 5 stars – This type of mattress works really well when it comes to keeping your spine in alignment. Also, it doesn’t create any pressure points. This mattress can easily support sleepers who weight up to 110 kilos.
  • 4 stars – It does a good job when it comes to keeping your spine aligned. However, people with specific support needs may not find this ideal. Also, heavy people may not find this very comfortable.
  • 3 stars – This mattress type offers average support. It does keep your spine in alignment, but might also create certain pressure points. Heavy sleepers or people who sleep in different styles may not find this ideal.


Value is a factor that is more important than price. It, in fact, is an exact representation of performance and quality. Value basically means if the mattress is giving you your money’s worth.

  • 5 stars – The mattress is an absolute value for money. Whether it is the quality of the materials used, the performance, or the overall experience one experiences, it gives you what you exactly expect out of it.
  • 4 stars – This type of mattress gives great value to the customers. Though the price might appear to be a little on the upper end, it does offer great value to sleepers.
  • 3 stars – This type of mattress offers average value to the customers. If its a less expensive mattress, it can be a good choice in terms of value for money. In case it is an expensive mattress, then it may not be a very good choice in terms of value.


One must also be aware of the company that manufactures the mattresses. A company with a proven record of excellence and customer service is more likely to come with an exceptional quality mattress.

  • 5 stars – This is one of the leading companies when it comes to customer service and satisfaction. The company is available to the customers 24/7 to answer their queries and ensure they are providing the best service. The company also has a good number of verified purchases and reviews. They do their business on the foundation of transparency and values. Apart from all this, they may also be involved in some community activities with a motive to give back to the society.
  • 4 stars – This company has a very good customer service. They try their best to maintain transparency with their customers. Though they also might have programs through they which they try to give back to the society, they may not be as full-fledged as those companies with a 5-star rating.
  • 3 stars – Though this company has a decent customer service, they have questionnable levels of honesty and transparency with their customers. This can be due to their marketing tactics which can be tricky.


Thought it may not be the most important factor to look for while considering the actual performance of a mattress, smell does impress people. Or offend them.

  • 5 stars – This type of mattress has no smell at all. And even if there is, it would be mild, and would be gone within 2 days.
  • 4 stars – This type of mattress can have smell for the first 3 to 7 days, post which it will begin to dissisipate completely.
  • 3 stars – Here, the smell might last from a week to two weeks. Post that, the smell would dissipate slowly before its completely gone.


The mattress quality might be great, but one of the attributes of top mattress companies is offering fair refunds or returns. The trustworthiness of a company depends on this factor.

  • 5 stars – This is one of the best return policies. The mattress company might offer the user a trial period, and in case of dissatisfaction from the user’s end, they also would offer a 100% money back guarantee with no extra fees charged.
  • 4 stars – The mattress company would offer a trial period and also a 100% money back guarantee. However, there might be some extra charged that might be levied on the user, should he choose to return the mattress.
  • 3 stars – In this case, the company would offer refunds, but they can charge the user for shipping or levy other extra charges.


Good sex is as important as good sleep, isn’t it? And how can one have comfortable sex if the mattress is not as good?

  • 5 stars – The mattress is designed in such a way that it is conducive for enjoyable sex. It doesn’t let couples try too hard. It also has bounce that can positively affect the rhythm. The edges of the mattress are also supportive for amorous activities like foreplay.
  • 4 stars – This mattress can be very good for great sex. It also can have he required bounce. However, the edges may not be as supportive for amorous activities.
  • 3 stars – Though the mattress can be good for sex, there would be a few demerits. It may not be as bouncy, or the structure might force couples to try harder. Average edge support might also negative affect amorous activities.


In today’s mattress industry, trial periods are a common thing. The best mattress companies would be those that provide an extended trial period with a 100% money back guarantee.

  • 5 stars – Here, the company offers a trial period longer than 75 nights. And the terms of the trial period are such that they benefit the customer.
  • 4 stars – There is a trial period of a minimum of 30 nights. Though the terms of the trial period are focused on the customers, there might some fees the customers would have to pay in case they choose to return the product.
  • 3 stars – There is a minimum trial period of 30 nights. However, the terms of the trial period are ideal for the benefit of the customer.


The ideal warranty must be long enough to cover the expected life of the mattress. It also must cover the material or structural flaws of the different layers of the mattress. A good warranty would also offer complete replacement of the mattress within the first many years.

  • 5 stars – The best warranty. It would be a minium of 10 years long, covers sags and also offers full replacement for at least the first 5 years. The warranty is also easy to understand.
  • 4 stars – This would be a very good warranty. It covers a period of at least 10 years, covers sags and offers full replacement for the first 5 years. The warranty, mostly, would be easy to understand.
  • 3 stars – An average warranty. Though it still is 10 years long, it offers full replacement only within the first 3 years. In addition, there might be some complex terms in the warranty that might confuse the customer.

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