Mattress Size Chart : Single, Double, King or Queen – What Do They Really Mean

Mattress Size Chart Single, Double, King or Queen - What Do They Really Mean
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It’s in the mattress size, you see.

That’s where the key to getting a restful night’s sleep lies. Yes, other factors, like the mattress type, are important. But what use would any be if you don’t properly fit on your bed?

Sounds legit, doesn’t it?

Each mattress company has its own definition of the standard mattress sizes – so much that sometimes, there is no way we can get an approximate idea of the size of the mattress we want to go for…

…until now. Here, in this post, we have collated data from mattress experts and come up with the different bed mattress sizes and their widely accepted dimensions.

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Bunk Bed Mattress

The type of bed where one bed is stacked above the other, with a ladder fixed on one side that reaches the upper bed. This type of bed is usually used in kids’ rooms, especially when there is a lack of room space.

Bunk bed mattress dimensions – 39 x 75 inches

Single Or Twin Bed Mattress

A single bed mattress is basically for one occupant. This can be ideal for bachelors, kids’ rooms or guest rooms.

Single/Twin bed mattress dimensions – 36 x 75 inches

A twin bed mattress is just a single bed that is a little narrower. This can be a good choice for tiny rooms. Twin beds can also be used as bunk beds. A twin bed can also be similar to a bunk bed in terms of dimensions.

The dimensions – 39 x 75 inches

The market also has extra-long twin beds that are as wide as a twin bed but a little longer. These are used for tall teenagers and even some adults.

The dimensions – 39 x 80 inches

Double Or Full Bed Mattress

If you go by the name, you might think it is double the size of a single bed, but no. It is just one and a half times larger than a single bed. In case you or any of your family members have a large frame, this may not be for you. But if you are a mother with a newborn baby, this could be a good buy.

Also, double or full sized beds can even be too short for some adults.

Double bed mattress dimensions – 54 x 75 inches

Queen Size Bed Mattress

A queen size bed is larger than a double bed and is suitable for small master bedrooms. Though it offers just about 30 inches of space to each person, it can be a good option for couples as it occupies less floor area.

Queen size mattress dimensions – 60 x 78 inches

King Size Bed Mattress

A king size mattress is meant for spacious and bigger master bedrooms. There is more width per person and more space for taller people. King beds usually come in two variants – the Eastern king bed and the California king bed (the Western king bed); and the two king size bed dimensions have a slight variation.

Eastern King size mattress dimensions – 76 x 60 inches

Western King size mattress dimensions – 72 x 85 inches

Tips For Choosing The Right Mattress Size

This is where most of us falter. We know the exact type of mattress we want. We know what material the mattress should be made of. We know everything but the size.

But worry not – the following pointers will help you choose the right mattress size.

– Know your bedroom dimensions.

Are you aware of your bedroom dimensions? Probably not. So what do you do? Simple. Get a tape measure and measure the length and breadth of the bedroom and the dimensions of the door frame (you need to get the mattress inside, remember?).

You can also get the dimensions of your potential bed space. Also, take into account the clearance space required for doors that swing into the room. If all this gets cumbersome, you probably can take help of this website that allows you to plan the spacing virtually.

– Imagine different bed sizes in your room.

Imagination is more important than knowledge. You must now have an idea of the approximate dimensions of different mattress sizes. So, imagine your bed being inside your bedroom. How does it look? Does your room appear cramped? Is there enough walking space?

You probably can use four water bottles to help you envision better. Also, imagine the different activities you would carry out in your bedroom – like reading, opening your closet, getting ready for the day, etc.

– Think of the future.

Think of any additions you would make to your bedroom in the future. Would you get a reading chair anytime soon? Or probably you want to upgrade your closet? Consider your potential purchases and identify the respective spaces. This prevents hassles in the future.

– A bigger bed or more living space?

Ambiguity in this aspect can cause space troubles. On the other hand, when you are clear in this regard, you will know how to organize your bedroom better to get the maximum out of your purchase.

So, ask yourself. What do you want – a bigger bed or more living space?

As we already discussed, the mattress size is as important as anything else. We hope this post will help you figure out the right mattress size as per your needs. Do tell us what you feel in the box below!


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