Kurl-On mattresses are a product of pure technological innovation. A couple of technologies the mattresses use are the MSI technology (disturbance on one side doesn’t affect the person sleeping on the other side) and Zero Pressure technology (provides optimum support to the lower back).

A brilliant blend of comfort and support, Kurl-On is, no wonder, one of the leading mattress brands in the country. But, what exactly are the mattresses made of? How can they benefit you? That is what this post is all about. Continue reading!

The Mattress Range Suitable For
Kurl-On MermaidAnyone who usually wakes up with an achy back or neck, and feels their mattress could be the reason.
Kurl-On Dream SleepAnyone who wants to buy a budget mattress that can give absolute value for money (who wants a combination of comfort and support at a low price).
Kurl-On AngelicaAnyone who is looking for optimum support for their backs.
Kurl-On ConvenioAnyone who wants a mattress for superior comfort, along with effective body support.
Kurl-On FantasyAnyone who wants a mattress for supreme comfort, and who tends to roll around quite often in sleep.

Though these are the most popular mattresses from Kurl-On, there are other mattresses from the brand that are not far behind. To know more, just keep reading.

Kurl-On Mermaid

Kurl-On Mermaid

Kurl-On Mermaid is a dual comfort mattress that comes with breathable bonded foam and HR foam. The softer side of the mattress is made of memory foam that conforms to the contours of your body. This provides optimum comfort and support.

The memory foam of the mattress also eases the pressure points by enhancing blood circulation. This can prevent aches.

The firmer side of the mattress is made of breathable bonded foam that supports your spine and neck.

Warranty 7 years

Price Rs. 30,194

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Kurl-On Dream Sleep

Kurl-On Dream Sleep

This mattress comes with a double side pillow top. This makes the mattress easy to use on both the sides, and also gives good support at the edges.

The mattress also comes with a thermobond felt, which is another supporting layer. This layer bears the entire weight of your body and gives the right amount of support. The bonnell springs of the mattress ensure optimum comfort.

The mattress contains PU foam, which is an inexpensive alternative to other expensive foams in the market. This helps bring down the price of the mattress and makes it more affordable, all the while maintaining the quality.

Warranty 5 years

Price Rs. 15,094

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Kurl-On Angelica

Kurl-On Angelica

This mattress has a thick PU foam layer at the top and a thin one at the bottom. The mattress comes with pocket springs that are pre-compressed in individual coils. This makes the springs to act independently of each other, thereby enhancing the support the body receives – ultimately providing great support to the back, irrespective of the sleeping position.

The quilt of the mattress is made of high density PU foam, which renders a cushioning effect.

Warranty Lifetime

Price Rs. 31,694

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Kurl-On Convenio

Kurl-On Convenio

The Kurl-On Convenio mattress contains a special double layer of memory and PU foams. This combination offers superior comfort. The memory foam is heat-sensitive and adjusts to the contours of your spine.

The mattress also comes with high density bonded foam, which offers effective support to your body.

The mattress is quilted on both sides, and hence can be used on either side.

Warranty 12 years

Price Rs. 20,108

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Kurl-On Fantasy

Kurl-On Fantasy

The mattress is made of pocket springs that are pre-compressed in individually encased coils. And hence, these springs are independent of each other. This gives ideal support.

The mattress also has memory foam that is sensitive to body heat. It adjusts to the shape of the body and gives optimum comfort. The mattress gives way when one rolls over the bed, and this enhances the comfort levels irrespective of which position the person is sleeping in.

Warranty Lifetime

Price Rs. 34,672

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What you have seen are some of the most popular mattresses from Kurl-On. Following is the list of technological applications Kurl-On mattresses use.

Technological Applications Involved

A wide range of technological applications has been introduced in the making of Kurl-On mattresses. These include –

MSI technology. Also known as Motion Separation Index, MSI gives such a characteristic to the mattress that disturbance on one side doesn’t affect the person sleeping on the other side.

Ultra fresh technology. The mattress foam undergoes ultra-fresh antimicrobial treatment during its manufacturing process. This guards it against bacteria, dust mites and other kinds of fungi.

Buglock technology. Used for protecting the mattress from bed bugs.

Advanced Center Desensification, or ACD technology. Prevents the mattress from sagging and maintains its quality for a longer time.

Zero pressure point, or ZPP technology. Reduces the localized pressure around the spine and neck, thereby providing support to the lower back.

A few more mattresses from the different categories in Kurl-On –

Spring Mattresses



The quilt is made of memory foam, which is double-sided. This memory foam keeps your spine in a neutral position and helps prevent any kind of back issues.

The PU foam layer that comes next is relatively lighter and makes it easy for the user to flip the mattress. It also simplifies transportation and maintenance.

The thermobond felt layer is another supporting layer that bears the entire weight of the body and supports it properly over the springs. The springs, which are either pocket or bonnel, or a combination of the two, are of the highest quality to provide the user with maximum comfort.

Mattresses in the spring range –

Mattress Name Type Price Warranty Period
ValentinoPocket/Bonnell spring, Memory foam, and PU foamRs. 1,76,926Lifetime
PanaceaPocket spring, Memory foam, PU foam with MSI technologyRs. 68,249Lifetime
New LuxurinoMemory foam and PU foam with MSI technologyRs. 46,406Lifetime
5 StarPremium spring with MSI, Ultrafresh, and Buglock technologiesRs. 58,298Lifetime
King & QueenPremium spring with Ultrafresh and Buglock technologiesRs. 37,155Lifetime
MarvelBonnell spring and PU foamRs. 20,755Lifetime
Desire TopBonnell spring (with double side pillow top) and PU foam with thermobond feltRs. 22,1965 years

Foam Mattresses



The quilt and the top layer are made of memory foam, which conforms to the contours of the body according to the body temperature. This ensures better comfort and support.

The PU foam is of high density. It is soft, yet firm, is designed to last long and is resilient to most climatic conditions.

The coir offers very good ventilation and helps in keeping the mattress cool. And since they are naturally springy, they provide more support to the user’s body.

Mattresses in the foam range –

Mattress Name Type Price Warranty Period
ImagineMemory foam and PU foam (crafted with HR foam for added comfort), along with anti-microbial featureRs. 40,92512 years
Top SleepPU foamRs. 10,4145 years

Rubberized Coir Mattresses



The quilt is made of memory foam that gives a comfortable feel. The layer of bonded foam provides good support to the body.

The coir layer is made of coco fiber and natural latex. Coco fiber controls the temperature and keeps the mattress cool, whereas natural latex provides extra support to every part of the body.

Mattresses in the rubberized coir range –

Mattress Name Type Price Warranty Period
KlassicBonded foam and High density rubberized coir, with ACD technologyRs. 22,5385 years
KhadiBonded foam and High density rubberized coir, totally safe due to the use of organic materialsRs. 25,1415 years
KurlobondHigh density rubberized coirRs. 13,1515 years
GrandeurHigh density rubberized coir with double layer memory foamRs. 48,9655 years
EmbellishDouble layered Memory foam with HR foam, and rubberized coir; Euro top construction (for maximum sleeping area)Rs. 49,9765 years
ChampionHigh density PU foam with Rubberized coirRs. 9,8541 year

Therapeutic Mattresses



The top layer is made of memory foam. It adjusts to the shape of the body and provides all-round support. Hence, even as the person rolls over in the bed while sleeping, he wouldn’t be disturbed by the depressions hurting his back.

PU foam and coir have been scientifically developed to cater to the ergonomic requirements of the human body.

Mattresses in the therapeutic range –

Mattress Name Type Price Warranty Period
SpinekareMemory foam and Rubberized coir, with ZPP technologyRs. 34,1225 years
New OrthoMemory foam and Rubberized coir; scientifically designed for therapeutic propertiesRs. 21,8463 years

Who can buy a Kurl-On mattress?

Kurl-On has a huge variation of sizes. Certain mattress brands go ahead with the ‘one-size-fits-all’ motto, but that might not always work. Like we had already discussed in the beginning, different people have different requirements. And Kurl-On has understood that quite well.

People who work long hours and return home exhausted. The memory foam offers ultimate comfort. The mattress, coupled with MSI and ZPP technologies, provides supreme comfort. It also relaxes the back muscles and minimizes any kind of disturbance one might experience on the mattress.

People who want a mattress that lasts long (and are willing to put in the money). The high quality foam ensures Kurl-On mattresses last very long. But they are also priced accordingly. Though this might appear like an expensive proposition, one doesn’t have to keep spending on mattress repairs over and over again.

People who want bounce. The spring mattresses come with a combination of pocket and bonnell springs, which multiplies the bounce effect and gives the sleeper the desired feel.

Kurl-On mattresses focus on comfort and relaxation. They use high quality memory foam, PU foam, or coir, which also add extra support and keep the sleeper comfortable. The mattresses are durable as well, and the sleeper is assured ultimate comfort, irrespective of the season. Though Kurl-On hasn’t majorly focused on mattresses exclusively for back pain, it is one among the leaders when it comes to comfort and durability.
Rating – 65%

This is what Kurl-On has to offer you. With multiple categories to choose from, we hope your sleep needs would be met!

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