Established way back in 1898, King Koil currently operates in over 100 countries. The brand specializes in manufacturing mattresses that help individuals cope with backache and other chiropedic issues.

A couple of the most popular mattresses are those in the chiropedic range (King Koil Chiropedic 3000 and King Koil Chiropedic 5000), which are high-end spring and foam mattresses respectively, built exclusively to alleviate back pain.

This post talks about a few other such mattresses from King Koil that can benefit you in more ways than you can imagine. Keep reading to know more!

The Mattress Range Suitable For
King Koil Dr Mattress Euro BackAnyone who wants a budget mattress exclusively for back pain relief
King Koil Dr Mattress Euro MemoryAnyone who wants an ideal combination of comfort and support, and understands the goodness of memory foam
King Koil Chiropedic 3000Anyone who wants a high-end spring mattress for back pain relief
King Koil Chiropedic 5000Anyone who wants a high-end foam mattress for back pain relief
King Koil Posture Sense SoftyAnyone who wants a mattress with firmness of two types
King Koil Posture Sense 3D MemoryAnyone who wants a mattress for ultimate comfort
King Koil Signature EditionAnyone who wants a comfort mattress with a preferred combination of foam and spring

King Koil Dr Mattress Euro Back


This mattress is a premium combination of ultra plush foam on the top and a core made of high density rebonded foam. This gives the body a firmer surface to sleep on and aids in relieving backache.

King Koil Dr Mattress Euro Memory


This mattress has memory foam at the top, and its core is made of high-density rebonded foam. The memory foam of the mattress conforms to the contours of the body and gives ultimate comfort. The rebonded foam offers a firm surface for optimum support.

King Koil Chiropedic 3000


The core of this mattress is made of firm bonnell chiropedic springs. The mattress has a high-density padding layer and deep quilting on both the sides – and this provides a medium firm surface to sleep on.

Price Rs. 32,499

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King Koil Chiropedic 5000


The mattress has a superior pillow-top construction and is quilted with cellular memory foam. The quilt has a soft fur fabric on the top for a luxurious feel. The memory foam adjusts to the shape of your body and helps relieve stress.

Price Rs. 33,999

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King Koil Posture Sense Softy


This is a pocketed spring mattress made with ultra-plush foam. One side of the mattress is soft, whereas the other side has medium firmness. This enables the sleeper to choose their preferred firmness without having to change the mattress.

The mattress has air mesh on its borders that keeps it highly ventilated. This improves circulation and enhances better sleep.

Price Rs. 34,399

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King Koil Posture Sense 3D Memory


This King Koil mattress comes with a flanger top (increases the comfort levels by 40%), high density pocketed springs, and 3D air ventilation system. All these offer extremely good comfort levels.

The quilt of the mattress is made of ultra plush foam, and it enhances the comfort levels.

Price Rs. 70,599

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King Koil Signature Edition


The core of this mattress is made of high-density pocketed springs, and they have 2 inches of organic natural latex above them. The quilting is made of super soft foam that offers a unique sleeping experience.

Price Rs. 55,499

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These are not all…

There are a few more mattresses (Online Range, and the Doctor Endorsed Series) that King Koil manufactures. Take a look!

King Koil Online Range

This category contains those mattresses manufactured by King Koil exclusively for sale in online portals. And yes, these mattresses come with their own set of special features.

Sure Sleep


This is a dual comfort mattress that offers a firm and soft feel. Made with high density springs as the core, the Sure Sleep mattress offers a good amount of comfort and support.

Price Rs. 44,100

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Spine Align


The mattress has medium firmness and is designed exclusively to treat backaches and prevent their onset in the future.

Price Rs. 38,850

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Natural Response


The mattress is especially meant for those people who are conscious and concerned about their environment. It is made of pure organic latex block, and is covered with a thin, quilted viscose fabric.

Price Rs. 49,000

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This mattress comes with high-quality memory foam that adjusts to the shape of your body and offers great comfort. It also has high resilient foam that offers medium-firm support to the body.

Price Rs. 72,917

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King Koil Doctor Endorsed Series

Sleep Easy


The mattress comes with pocketed springs layered with 2 inches of high-density memory foam. The pocketed springs offer the required support while the memory foam has a contouring effect on your body that gives you ultimate comfort.

Body Sense


The mattress is a luxurious combination of 2 inches of natural latex placed over chiropractic coils (that act as the core). The coils give a medium firm support to your back and aid better sleep.

Contour Comfort


For those who crave ideal body support. The high density pocketed springs not only conform to your body shape and offer comfort but also offer optimum support to your back muscles.

So there you go – the broad range of mattresses manufactured by King Koil. Their quality is known the world over. Though they may not suit one who heavily relies on budget mattresses, if you are someone who prefers to spend those extra bucks for extra comfort, this could be one of the few brands you can go for.

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  1. Remember buying this mattress in mid 2016 .. I must say the quality was not as good as I had thought .. I prefer a firm mattress, but the mattress was too soft .

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