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Frankly speaking, mattresses that are good for heavy people are the same as those that are good for thin people. Except that there is a slight difference. A few little things to consider that can make a big impact.

And in this post, we’ll talk about those few little things. Keep reading!


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Primary Factors To Be Considered

When we say ‘heavy’, we don’t necessarily mean obese or overweight people (although they too fall in the category). A heavy person is, yes, heavy. This might mean a very healthy person who is also tall and hefty. Or this might even mean an obese individual. But for the sake of simplicity, let’s consider heavy as anybody who weighs more than 90 kilos.

Sounds simple? Okay…

So, when a heavy person decides to purchase a mattress, there are a few factors he needs to consider. They are as follows –

The thickness

This is something most people tend to overlook. For heavy individuals, the thicker the mattress, the better. The ideal thickness could be between 10 to 12 inches. Thicker mattresses offer better and deeper compression support – exactly what heavy sleepers require. This is because heavy sleepers create a large amount of pressure on the mattress, and if the mattress is not thick enough, they may not get the right amount of support.

The firmness

Talking about firmness, the heavier the sleeper is, the more pronounced the sinkage he will experience. Ideally, the mattress for a heavy sleeper could have firmness above the medium level. Heavy sleepers might report increased sinkage if the mattress is more on the softer side.

The edge support

If you are someone who considers the edge support of a mattress before making the purchase, you are a thoughtful buyer. Here’s why – when a heavy person tends to roll over the bed or sleep at the edge, the mattress must not sag or give way. This can be achieved only when the mattress edges are stable and offer great support.

As a general suggestion, usually, mattresses made of coils/springs or hybrid materials (a combination of foam and spring) offer great edge support.

The temperature

This is about the temperature the mattress might accumulate – which is an issue. Heavier sleepers have more mass and hence generate more heat – and if the mattress is not breathable, it can cause severe discomfort. In general, foam mattresses tend to accumulate more heat than their coir or spring counterparts. Of course, most foam mattresses coming into the market today employ the latest technology to resolve this issue.

Innerspring, hybrid, or latex foam mattress can be a good bet when it comes to keeping the mattress cool. Even memory foam can be good – but ensure you purchase only those that are from well-known brands.

The durability

Research suggests there is some relation between mattress durability and the weight of the sleeper. A mattress with poor durability can turn problematic for a heavy sleeper.


Hence, a heavy individual ought to check (and even double check) the durability of the mattress, as a discrepancy in that area can prove more troublesome to him than for a person who is thin.

The Different Types Of Mattresses Available For A Heavy Individual

We have seen the different factors a heavy person ought to consider before purchasing a mattress. And now that there is a wide range of mattress types available in the market, which one would be the best?

That is what we are going to look at – the different types of mattresses available in the market, and how good each can be for heavy individuals.

Memory foam mattress


Example of an ideal memory foam mattress for heavy people

The major reason memory foam mattresses can be good for heavy individuals is their ability to relieve pressure points. They provide consistent support to the contours of the body, irrespective of the position the sleeper sleeps in. But one thing you must keep in mind is breathability. Look for only those brands that address the issue.

A memory foam mattress with gel or any additional cooling layer could be better, as it helps dissipate heat and offers additional comfort.

Latex mattress


Example of an ideal latex mattress for heavy people

Latex can be a good option for heavy individuals as it offers decent cooling (though it doesn’t absorb heat the same way a memory foam mattress does). It does offer better bounce, though.

Innerspring mattress

This type of mattress can either be very good or very bad for heavy sleepers. And it all depends on the coil construction and placement. Low-quality innerspring mattresses can be real trouble – they create unnecessary pressure points, or offer inconsistent support due to a flawed coil construction. But the good ones have a coil-on-coil construction (refer the image below), which use two layers of springs. This greatly improves the support, feel, and the overall build quality of the mattress.

One factor that separates innerspring mattresses from the rest is excellent edge support. If you are a heavy individual and tend to sleep more on the edges, this can be a great option for you.


Example of an ideal innerspring mattress for heavy people

Hybrid mattress

Hybrid mattresses are similar to innersprings in terms of the benefits they offer – there is superior edge support, additional bounce, improved circulation and cooling (or breathability), and better compression support.

These mattresses use springs and/or foam. They minimize the demerits of a standalone foam mattress and maximize the benefits that come with the combination of spring and foam mattresses.


Example of an ideal hybrid mattress for heavy people

The Ideal Mattress Thickness Required For Your Body Weight

Not everybody weighs the same. That’s a given. The required mattress thickness depends on the weight of the person. Especially when it is the case of a heavier individual, getting the right mattress thickness is all the more important. And what is more important is not getting the wrong one.

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Following is the chart that can guide you in this regard. The data has been compiled after analyzing hundreds of mattress reviewers.

Weight of the individual Mattress thickness considered satisfactory Mattress thickness considered averageMattress thickness considered bad
90 – 113 kilos10, 12, and 14 inches8 inches6 inches
113 – 136 kilos12 and 14 inches10 inches> 10 inches
136 – 204 kilos14 inches12 inches6, 8, and 10 inches

Ideal Mattresses For Heavy People – The List

When it comes to mattress thickness, the industry average is 8 to 10 inches. Some mattress brands even retail mattresses that are readily available with 12 to 14 inches of thickness – but they are less in number. This might be because there is less demand, which could be a result of a lack of awareness amongst people (heavy individuals) and the type of mattresses they must go for.

But most mattress brands would agree to customize the thickness based on the individual’s requirement. And this is where the awareness comes into play. Following is the list of mattresses that can be ideal for heavy individuals. The list is created based on the mattress material, durability, and the brand’s compliance to thickness requests.

Mattress Description Price Buy link
King Koil Signature Edition A combination of high-density pocketed springs and organic latex, the mattress offers good bounce and coolingRs. 55,499Buy Now On Amazon
Duroflex Latex-o-PlusA combination of Pincore latex foam with 3-zone pocketed spring technology (that supports equal distribution of weight on the mattress)Rs. 34,843BUY NOW on Amazon
Duroflex NEOA pocket spring mattress with the 3-zone pocketed spring technology, with a PU foam layer at the topRs. 18,750BUY NOW on Amazon
ComfyMatA combination of memory, HR, and PU foams; with the memory foam developed using NASA technologyRs. 28,499Buy Now On comfymat
Peps Spine GuardMade of memory foam, and comes with Super Edge Plus Technology (for excellent edge support); the mattress comes in 3 variants – bonnell, coir, and foamBonnell – Rs. 38,773; Coir – Rs. 34,851; Foam – Rs. 38,098BUY NOW on Amazon
Kurl-On FantasyA combination of pre-compressed springs in individually encased coils and memory foamRs. 34,672BUY NOW on Amazon

A Good Mattress For Heavy Individuals – The Basic Requirements

There are other mattresses too that can be good for heavy individuals. But the ones mentioned in the table above are some of the best that come with the right kind of material and composition.

However, due to any reason, if you feel like purchasing a mattress not mentioned in the table above, we have something for you – the basic requirements. Ensure you check off all the points stated below before you buy one for yourself.

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– The thickness must be between 10-14 inches. Or more. But this is a must. If a mattress doesn’t have adequate thickness, it will cause problems to a heavy individual. If your preferred mattress isn’t readily available with the required thickness, talk to the concerned support team. Most mattress brands are willing to customize the mattresses as per the customer’s requirements.

– Firmer mattresses do better. Soft mattresses are okay, but the firmer ones are better. This is because firmer mattresses hold up better with time. You can ideally go for combination mattresses, which are both comfortable and supportive at the same time. Or you can even purchase mattresses that are more on the supportive side. Whatever it is, ensure the mattress feels firm when you lie down on it (and ensure you lie down on it in the first place; never buy a mattress in the physical store without testing it out at least for 15-20 minutes).

– A BIG NO to low-quality foams. No means no. Low-quality foams break down quickly or even get compressed unnaturally. But how will you know if a mattress has low-quality foam? By asking questions. If you are purchasing a mattress offline, ask the salesperson questions on the manufacturing of the mattress and foam processing. A high-quality foam will definitely have certain science and research behind it, at least in most cases. And if you are purchasing a mattress offline, you probably can call up the customer care team and ask similar questions.

But there is something else that can help you avoid all of that…

– A trial period of at least 30 days. If this is in place, nothing like it. Though currently not in use by most traditional mattress brands, certain new online brands are offering attractive trial periods – which is great for the customer. You can buy the mattress and use it for a set period, and if you aren’t satisfied, your money will be refunded.

– Total weight limit must be more than the combined weight of you and your partner. This is obvious. Don’t forget to check this before you buy the mattress. Any discrepancy in this aspect can cause problems in the long run.

The Final Verdict

All said and done, one thing is a given – if you are a heavy individual, you must choose your mattress wisely. Otherwise you might face complications in the future.

Combination mattresses work well for heavy individuals. Ensure the mattress is airy and breathable. And, most importantly, check for trial periods. They are a boon to every customer.

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