If you are single and want to buy a mattress, it’s not too hard. You just check the type you are comfortable with, go ahead and make the purchase. But if you have a partner, things change. And they get a little harder as well.

Now, you need to consider your partner’s interests. What type of mattress does (s)he prefer? What about the firmness levels? Any other specific features (s)he needs?

Kind of complicated, isn’t it? Well, this happens when you don’t have someone to guide you. But that’s not the case here.

We have discussed in this post what exactly you must look for if you want to buy a mattress along with your partner. And, more importantly, the mattresses that can fit your bill.

Read ahead – you can thank us later.

The Factors To Consider

Any mattress you choose to buy has certain characteristics, the absence of which can make your purchase go in vain. And here, we talk about those very characteristics – for a mattress you can enjoy sleeping on with your partner.

Motion Transfer

This is a major issue amongst most couples. Most mattresses don’t have a mechanism to reduce motion transfer. The result? One partner gets disturbed due to the other’s movement.

That is why choosing the right mattress in this aspect is quite crucial. You would want to go for a mattress that dissipates movement across its surface, thereby reducing motion transfer. In this regard, memory foam mattresses fare well against most other mattress materials. Memory foam mattresses absorb motion very well and dissipate the energy throughout the mattress.

But then, not everyone would be happy sleeping on a memory foam mattress. If you are one of them, you can go for latex or hybrid mattresses instead.


It is close to impossible to sleep in one single position the entire night. We keep tossing, rolling, and turning in our beds. A good mattress would be the one that offers ideal support, irrespective of the position we sleep in.

But a great mattress is the one that does the same for couples. Because when it is the case of couples, the scenario is slightly different. When it is a couple, there is more pressure on the mattress. And if it is a heavier sleeper, the mattress must be designed in such a way that it supports the weight properly. If the mattress doesn’t offer exceptional support, the weight of a partner might cause disturbance to the other.


Especially in the case of couples, sex is an important factor to be considered while purchasing a mattress. Intimacy is quite a requirement to maintain the bond between couples, and certain characteristics like bounce, edge support, support, and comfort play a vital role to ensure the mattress is ideal for couples.

Mattresses with good bounce are usually preferred. This is because the better the bounce, the more enjoyable and natural the amorous activity. In today’s market, most foam mattresses are designed in a way to offer the ideal bounce.

Talking about support, the mattress must be able to support two bodies located in the same place. This requires exceptional material construction.


Firmness doesn’t mean the mattress is rock hard. It simply means the mattress is firm to an extent that keeps the sleeper comfortable. And obviously, it is an important requirement for couples.

The mattress must have the right material that offers ideal firmness. It must not be too hard – such that it makes the couple feel uncomfortable.

The Best Mattresses For Couples

We have seen the basic factors a couple needs to consider before buying a mattress. Let’s go ahead and check the top mattresses in this category that would be ideal-

MattressDescriptionPriceBuy link
Peps VivahContains independent springs encased in individual pockets for ideal firmness; comes with Super-Edge Plus technology (for edge-to-edge stability) and Zero Disturbance technology (for reduced motion transfer)Rs. 96,731Buy Now On Peps
ComfyMatFoam-Encased Wireless Edge Technology for mattress edge support; with high-quality HR foam for ideal support and firmness, and 3rd generation memory foam for optimum comfortRs. 28,499Buy Now On ComfyMat

Other Things To Keep In Mind

Choosing the right mattress for yourself and your partner can be one of the important decisions you will make. Because if a couple is sleeping on a mattress that is not comfortable for either of them, problems creep in.

Here are a few other things that can help you make the right move –

Check the size.

If it were just you, there wouldn’t have been any botheration. But since it’s about your partner as well, you need to check the size. A smaller mattress might have both of you bumping into each other the entire night. Neither of you would get proper sleep, and the very prospect of sleeping together might even worry you.

Not desirable, right?

So, check the size. A king size mattress would be ideal. You will have enough space on the mattress to roll around. But if you think the mattress is too big for your room, a queen size mattress will be the best alternative.

Check if the mattress firmness levels can be customized.

We already saw why firmness is a very important factor. Discrepancy in this aspect can create hassles. Not all mattresses would have the exact firmness that you or your partner would be comfortable with. In that case, check with the brand if the firmness levels can be customized as per your (or your partner’s) requirement.

Discuss sleeping styles.

Each individual will have his/her own sleeping style. Talk about your preferred sleeping style with your partner. If both of you have the same preference, everything gets easier. But if not, you will know how you can customize your mattress such that it fits both your requirements.

Don’t forget to test.

Nothing can be more important than testing out the mattress. Because, after all, it’s a mattress. One can’t just simply look at it and know how comfortable it can be. So test the mattress out. Wear comfortable clothes when you go to the showroom. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. If it’s an online purchase, ensure the mattress brand offers some guarantee or trial period.

A couple that sleeps happily is a couple that lives happily. And, as we have seen, your mattress does play an important role in determining how happy your marriage is going to be.

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