Spring Mattresses – The Advantages, Disadvantages, And Everything Else You Need To Know

Spring Mattresses - The Advantages, Disadvantages, And Everything Else You Need To Know
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We probably saw our grandparents or parents using them. And with the advent of new mattress types (like foam, hybrid, etc), we might as well have thought that spring mattresses would soon become extinct.

But that’s not the case. Because spring mattresses come with their own set of benefits (and disadvantages too), and there always is a section of people that prefers them to other mattress types.

Coming to the point, in this post, we will talk about spring mattresses and what else there is to know about them. And if you have decided to buy a spring mattress online, we have compiled a list of top spring mattresses too. Keep reading!

What Is A Spring Mattress?

Simply put, it is a mattress that contains springs. Mattress springs are also known as mattress coils. Primarily used in the core of innerspring mattresses, these, unlike memory foam, don’t adjust to body heat (unless these mattresses come topped with a layer of memory foam, like any pocket spring mattress with a memory foam top).

The top layer of the mattress is known as the comfort layer, and the layer underneath is the support layer or the ‘core’.

Spring Mattresses – A Brief History

The use of coil springs dates back to the 15th century. But their importance for mattresses was realized only in the mid-late 19th century, after upholstery coil springs were being used in carriages and furniture.

Types Of Springs Used In Spring Mattresses

There is a variety of springs (or coils) used in spring mattresses. Each type serves a specific purpose.

Continuous coils, where the different rows of springs in the mattress are formed from a single long piece of wire.

Bonnell coils are the most common, and also the oldest. Initially adapted from horse carriage seats of the 19th century, Bonnel coils are still used in mid-priced mattresses.

The Bonnell springs are hourglass-shaped steel wire coils with rounded tops.

Offset coils are also hourglass-shaped, but have their top and bottom convolutions flattened. These flat segments are hinged together while assembling, which helps the entire structure conform to the body shape.

Marshall coils, popularly known as pocket springs, are barrel-shaped and thin-gauged coils that are encased in individual pockets. The springs are not wired together, and hence work independently – which means that the weight on one of the springs doesn’t affect its neighbors.

Spring Mattresses – The Pros And Cons

There is no mattress type that is suitable for everyone. Each type has its own set of pros and cons. And spring mattresses are no exception.

The Pros

  • Low price. Cost is an important factor one needs to consider before buying a mattress. The price of innerspring mattresses have fallen due to an increase in the number of people using them. Hence, if you are someone who wants to shop on a budget – this mattress type could be the one.
  • Consumer familiarity. Spring mattresses have been in the market for a long time now. People know them. So any new technology introduced in spring mattresses has a higher chance of being accepted by people as the mattress type is already known. Few people would want to spend so much on an entirely new mattress and experiment.
  • Durability. The mattress lasts long. This is due to the its proper construction – it is built to offer the same comfort for many years.
  • Better circulation. We know how important a factor circulation is for better sleep. Spring mattresses have considerable amount of space between them, and hence allow easy ventilation. This helps prevent the accumulation of body heat and promotes better sleep.

The Cons

  • Can wear faster. Spring mattresses, in general, tend to wear faster as the springs lose support and the padding gets compressed.
  • Hard to set up. Given their structure, a spring mattress could be very heavy and hard to move around. So, taking the mattress outside to air it or clean it can be difficult.
  • Dust mites. The underlying layers of the mattress could have been made of wool and fiber, hence providing a conducive environment for allergens like dust mites to grow and flourish. This is why cleaning a spring mattress more often is very important.
  • Motion transfer. This could be a problem for couples, as the movement of a partner can disturb the other.

The Top Spring Mattresses In India

Following are a few of the top spring coil mattresses in India. If you are looking to buy a pocket spring mattress online (or any spring mattress), any of these could be a good option.

Brand Spring Type USPRatings Price
Kurl-On Dream SleepBonnell spring mattressHas thermobond felt, a supporting layer that bears the entire body weight4/5Rs. 15,094
Sleepwell AmityPocket spring mattressHas Zero Turn Technology for enhanced durability, and Foam Wall Technology for smoother edgesRs. 31,050
Duroflex Latex-O-Plus Pocket spring mattress3-zone technology for better supportRs. 34,999

Spring mattresses have been around for a long time now, and that is one of the reasons most people prefer them over other mattress types. If you are someone who doesn’t want to experiment when it comes to sleep, this could be your mattress type. The mattresses are reasonably priced too – hence they offer decent sleep without burning large holes in your pocket.

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