Duroflex Mattress Review


An ISO 9001:2000 certified company, Duroflex is one of the premium mattress brands in India. The company is also a member of the much reputed International Sleep Products Association (ISPA).

That might be enough to understand the quality of the mattresses they produce, but then, there’s no harm in going a little in-depth, is there?

Check out how Duroflex is one of the leading mattress brands in India today! But before that, you surely need to know the most popular mattresses manufactured by Duroflex.

So here you go!

The Mattress Range Suitable For
Duroflex Crown LushAnyone who wants a good firm mattress for their back (and for whom durability is the most important factor)
Duroflex OrthoAnyone who wants to buy a mattress exclusively for treating their backache (and prefers a foam mattress)
Duroflex Crown NXTAnyone who wants to buy a mattress exclusively for treating their backache (and prefers a combination of foam and coir)
Duroflex Latex-o-plusAnyone who wants a luxury mattress with advanced technological applications (a high-end mattress)
Duroflex NEOAnyone who wants a luxury mattress from the mid-range

Duroflex Crown Lush


This mattress has a special core of rubberized coir that provides good support. In addition to this, the mattress is reinforced with PU and bonded foams for extra
support. This enhances the firmness (for a healthy back) and durability.

The top of the mattress is furnished with PU foam quilting for a comfortable sleep.

Warranty 7 years

Price Rs. 21,999

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Duroflex Ortho

There are two mattresses in this range – Spine Ortho and Premium Ortho.


Spine Ortho is one of those mattresses that are scientifically designed to promote better sleep and firmness. This mattress is topped with a layer of memory foam that conforms to the shape of your body as per your body weight and temperature. This relieves the pressure on your muscles (especially the back muscles) and joints and keeps your spine in its natural position.

Warranty 7 years

Price Rs. 35,113


Premium Ortho has its core made with high-density bonded foam. Its top layer is made of PU foam that offers extra support, with additional foam quilting at the top and bottom for better comfort.

Warranty 5 years

Price Rs. 14,667

Duroflex Crown NXT


The Duroflex Crown NXT is designed exclusively for back support. The core of the mattress is made of high-density rubberized coir, and the mattress comes with multi-fold layering technology. The mattress is reinforced with high-density PU foam that offers the right support to your back.

This mattress is furnished with lush knitted cotton fabric for extra comfort and luxury.

Warranty 7 years

Price Rs. 19,201

Duroflex Latex-o-plus


The specialty of this mattress is the Pincore latex foam, upon which is crafted the PU foam quilting. This gives ultra comfort to the sleeper. The core comes with the 3-zone pocketed spring technology, and it is cased with PU foam for reinforcement from the sides.

The mattress is layered with high-quality PU foam at the top and bottom for additional luxurious comfort.

Warranty 10 years

Price Rs. 34,999

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Duroflex NEO


This is a pocket spring mattress that comes with the 3-zone pocketed spring technology. The core of the mattress has a layer of PU foam at the top and at the bottom.

Warranty 5 years

Price Rs. 18,750

You have seen the most popular mattresses from Duroflex. But did you know that Duroflex manufactures mattresses of four different types?

Each mattress type has its own set of unique advantages and caters to the specific needs of the customer. You can check them out below!

Duropedic Range



If your back gives you nightmares in the night, then this mattress can be your saviour. With the revolutionary 3-Zone technology, the mattress offers maximum support to each zone of your body.


Mattress Name Type Other Features/Technologies Price Warranty
DP43-Zone pocket spring technology with PU foam and Duropedic layer3-Zone Active Grooves for supporting the neck, back, and spine; side reinforcement system, with proper ventilationRs. 75,20010 years
Spine Ultra Tech SupportViscoelastic Memory Foam with Bonnell Spring CoreSide reinforcement system, antimicrobial, therapeutic, with compacted resilience memoireRs. 32,52310 years
Spine RestEspecially designed for the right sleep posture; high density bonded foam, with top layer memory foam and bottom with knitted cotton fabricCompacted Resilience Bond and Memoire, TherapeuticRs. 28,8755 years

PUF and Luxury Range



This mattress is for comfort seekers. Oh yes, who wouldn’t seek comfort! But this mattress has been designed keeping the comfort of the customer primarily in mind. This mattress range uses only pure and flexible PU foam, which maintains the right balance between comfort and support.

What sets this mattress range apart is the unique combination of PU foam (in different densities) and pincore latex foam – both of which provide unmatched support and comfort.


Mattress Name Type Other Features/Technologies Price Warranty
White100% natural pincore latex foamDeveloped by the Dunlop method, 3-Zone latex, compacted resilience latexRs. 46,84210 years
SeritaHigh density PU foam between layers of 100% natural pincore latex foamAntimicrobial, compacted resilience latex, 3-Zone latexRs. 31,6427 years
Dual sleep luxuryHigh density bonded foam between high quality super soft PU foam layers (with an option of memory foam at the top side and PU foam at the bottom side)Compacted resilience, with good ventilation and antimicrobial properties; ultra fresh tooRs. 28,5007 years
Dual sleepHigh density bonded foamCompacted resilience and antimicrobial, with good ventilationRs. 19,0555 years
Silk support 3 starHigh density PU foam at the top and PU foam quilting at the bottomCompacted resilience with good ventilationRs. 14,98110 years
Soft support 2 starHigh density PU foam core with the top quilting also made of PU foamCompacted resilience with good ventilationRs. 11,4394 years
Soft support 1 starHigh density PU foam core with the top quilting also made of PU foamCompacted resilience with good ventilationRs. 6,5611 year

Spring Range



This is a luxury mattress range. German technology springs and Italian quilting machines offer the kind of comfort found only in very few mattresses.


Mattress Name Type Other Features/Technologies Price Warranty
Plush (Euro)Memory foam, encased with PU foam for side reinforcement; with 3-Zone pocketed spring core3-Zone pocket spring, compacted resilience, with antimicrobial and ultra fresh propertiesRs. 45,03110 years
Plush (Box)Box-top mattress with Memory foam, encased with PU foam for side reinforcement3-Zone pocket spring, compacted resilience, non-flip and full prone supportRs. 49,97310 years
Soft-O-PlusCased with high density foam on the sides and the quilt is made of ultra luxurious foamSide reinforcement system with full prone support and 3-Zone pocket springRs. 25,27210 years
Super Deluxe RoyalTopped with 100% natural latex foam, resilient Bonnell spring core, encased with PU foam for side reinforcement, and layered with PU foam at the top3-Zone latex, utlra fresh, full prone supportRs. 26,05610 years
Deluxe PlusPillow top mattress. High resilient Bonnell spring core cased with PU foam for side reinforcementNon flip, antimicrobial, ultra fresh, and compacted resilienceRs. 22,18710 years
DeluxeResilient Bonnell spring core sandwiched between PU foam, with PU foam for side reinforcementCompacted resilience, full prone support, ultra freshRs. 19,84110 years
Grand PlusDouble sided pillow top mattress with a resilient Bonnell spring core; cased with PU foam for side reinforcement; core sandwiched between a layer of PU foamFull prone support and compacted resilienceRs. 16,5005 years
GrandHigh resilient Bonnell spring core side cased with PU foamFull prone support with compacted resilienceRs. 13,7005 years

Rubberized Coir Range


The mattresses are made of high-density coir with the ideal content of rubber. This combination provides firm support to the spine. What separates these mattresses from the rest in the market is the reinforcement of the rubberized coir with high-density coir and Multi-fold layering technology.

Rubberized coir, being a natural product, supports breathability and circulation.


Mattress Name Type Other Features/Technologies Price Warranty
SeasonsFlip feature, with one side quilted (for luxury and warmth) and the other side latex (for better ventilation)Multi-fold layering, compacted resilience bond, 3-Zone latexRs. 31,5977 years
BodylineDual layer core that’s a combination of natural rubberized coir and natural pincore latex foamMulti-fold layering technology, with 3-Zone latex, compacted resilience latexRs. 27,5767 years
Ortho NXTDouble side coir mattress, with high-density bonded foam that is sandwiched between layers of rubberized coir; PU foam quiltingTherapeutic, multi-fold layering technology, compacted resilience bondRs. 16,5005 years
DurobondHigh-density bonded foam sandwiched between layers of rubberized coir; PU foam quiltingMulti-fold layering technology, compacted resilience bondRs. 11,8455 years
Premium SpecialRubberized coir mattress with a coir baseHigh-density coir with compacted resilienceRs. 9,9183 years
Dreamon KwiltSingle sided PU foam mattress, with two layers of rubberized coir on either side of a PU foam coreMulti-fold layering

technology, compacted resilience

Rs. 9,0382 years
Dreamon PremiumPU foam core sandwiched between layers of rubberized coirHigh-density coir, compacted resilienceRs. 7,3582 years

The Manufacturing Process

There is a lot of science involved in the making of a mattress, and when it comes to Duroflex, it is no different. Following are the manufacturing processes of the different kinds of mattresses Duroflex markets –


The springs in the mattresses are imported with German Technology, and are placed in individual non-woven pockets. The pockets in the mattress are connected to maintain the shape and firmness of the mattress. The 3-Zone technology efficiently supports the different pressure points of the body.


These spring mattresses also use springs with German technology. The springs are in the shape of an hourglass, and are interconnected to provide ideal compression and proper support.

For firmness, the inner spring cores are padded with rubberized coir. Italian MECA and Gribetz machine are the two machines that manufacture the quilt.


Only the very best coconut fibre is sourced for the making of these mattresses. Curing this fibre in a hot chamber gives it the natural curl, enhanced bounce and firmness. These curled coir ropes are then fashioned into sheets that have a springy structure. Post this, natural latex is sprayed on these sheets, resulting in the formation of fleeces. The final product is a resilient and durable form that allows air circulation and provides comfort.


Foam of a consistent quality is produced with a maxfoam machine (incorporating the latest in foaming technology). Chemicals that freshly mixed are sent down through a mixer into a metal trough. After the chemicals react with each other, the foam expands and slowly flows onto a paper at the bottom. This paper then slides on an inclined plate. The metal trough distributes the foam between its walls, before flowing onto the horizontal conveyor.

A continuous foam is produced, which is then cut into smaller blocks using the latest block cutting machines as per the requirements of the market.

Duroflex is one of the leading mattress brands in India, and now we know why. The technology that goes into the making of the mattress is at par with international standards, and that is one thing that keeps this mattress brand amongst the industry giants.

Duroflex mattresses are exceptional when it comes to durability and comfort, but they come with a price. Care is taken with respect to the kind of material used in the making of the mattress, which is why the quality is commendable.

If you care about the comfort and luxury of your mattress, and don’t worry much about the pricing – Duroflex can be the ideal option for you.

Rating – 80%

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